I co-host a podcast called Myguy Reviews every week that covers more general media and pop culture topics, where we have covered Fighting Fantasy before and are now beginning to play the books on air. Here’s an overview of the FF game and how we’ll be going about it.

Most Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks give you 3 stats you roll for before you start. Skill D6+6 (your ability in combat and other things), Stamina 2D6+12 (your life bar where 0 is death), Luck D6+6 (relying on chance goes down each use). There is a combat system and you can test luck to affect damage done.

For the purposes of the hour long playthrough we have chosen to use lowest stats (7-14-7) first and increasing them if we die using ‘finger bookmarks’ to keep going.  There will also be the option of skipping to the choices and skipping combat for a calculated average stamina loss. We haven’t taken these extra options so far so we’ll see how it goes. We will be rolling using online dice found here to reduce rolling noise.

  • House of Hell: Extra stat Fear starts at 0. You die if you reach your fear threshold of D6+6. Oct 2020 —
  • Older episode introducing FF and playing only a little Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Sep 2019